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About Us


“Creating memories… one holiday at a time”

Our vision

Creating memories with family members is priceless and have everlasting value.

The idea and concept of this company was formed in a unit at Ngwenya Lodge on the crocodile river a few years ago.  Both our families had the opportunity to go on a holiday with our parents to spend time for a week, play with the kids, ‘braai’ and just relax. We realized that this wouldn’t have been possible for us as individuals due to time and finacial constraints.  During this quiet time we realized that families don’t spend time together anymore which could be for various reasons but in most cases it’s due to our busy and competing lifestyles that we endure.  Not only is time a factor, but the cost involved, not only the money itself, but creating time to go is a challenge and even more so the bills that needs to be paid at the end of the month.

Not only do we cherish this time with our family each year but we reconnect and look into each other’s eyes and spend precious time together doing what makes us happy.  So with this in mind we thought, how can we make this possible for other families to enjoy this as well.

We cherry picked the lodges on our website as those with the potential to provide quality family time together and to create memories that is everlasing ; catering for the parents as well as your children.

They say that ‘TIME’ is the cheapest but at the same time the most prescious gift one can give and hence we aim to create that opportunity for your family at an affordable price… so that you can look forward to your next holiday and say : I “wish I was there” with my family.


Wish I was there team.